Atmospheric RGB Sunset Projector Lamp Light With 4 Color Lenses

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Featuring Sunset and Rainbow projection effect, dreamlike visual experience. This floor lamp features a flexible head. which allows omnidirectional movements of the graphic composition and lighting setup. The light projects a striking colored circular light on the walls. ceiling and floor. Suitable for home. hall. living room, bedroom, dining room, etc.

Innovative Color Projector- This piece is specifically designed to achieve a amazing projection of colors and shades. brings new metaphysical galaxies of colors. It projects a stunning and colorful circle, creating a unique atmosphere in every space. allowing the viewer to immerse oneself.

Stable and Durable- Made of anodized aluminum carved from a solid plate with a stable base Weight 4lb (1.9kg). It integrates a high power LED and a sophisticated optical system promise longer service life.

Great Installation Effect- Height range 2.3-5.2ft. Get the smallest height without two connecting pipe or increase height by connecting pipe. The totally height is 5.2ft (160cm) after install all pipe. The 3 meter long wire with floor switch, allow you plug in a long distance. Tips: The thread insert can be rotate through pipe.

180 Degrees Rotated- The luminous body can be rotated 180 degrees. provide different lights in different angles. and bring different effects to your room. The size and shape of the circle light can be adjusted by rotating the lamp.

Multi-use& Color Decoration- This creative and simple design floor lamp brighten your living room. bedroom, study, office, children’s room with pretty color, enhance the family atmosphere. Any photographer or videographer can create truly unique photos and video with the special ring light.

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