New Adjustable Size Skating Shoes For Kids - 4 to 12 YEARS

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  • Suitable Age: 4 Years to 12 Years
  • Adjustable design: You can control your cornered laces according to the size of your feet. Adjustable range (approximately): 18-23 cm.
  • High-quality materials: In the production of high-quality, wear-resistant material, only the foot to gently on the show floor, comfortable and safe braking.
  • Easy & fast: Common skates have to change shoes, both cumbersome and uncertain, this product adopts simple design that can be directly connected with the shoes.
  • Suitable for the crowd: Professional design, the length of the skates can be adjusted, suitable for children of all ages, the size of skates fixed, can not be adjusted.
  • Material: Engineering plastic, PU wheel


  • 1.Safety first, don’t forget to wear a helmet knee pad, wrist guard and elbow.
  • 2.Before enjoy wonderful skating time, please check all components in a good condition.
  • 3.Do warm-up exercise before skating.
  • 4.Little kids need parent’s company.

Package Content: 1 pair x Skateshoes

Product type: Roller, Skateboard & Scooters

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