Pack of 2 Door Draft Guard

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Size: 3.5 ft size available


  • Airtight, draft proof seal retains heat and repels moisture
  • Glides across wood, tile, even carpet
  • Trim the twin channels to fit any length door or window
  • Made of water resistant microfleece
  • Keep out noises, insects, toxic fumes
  • INSULATION ALL YEAR LONG: Stay warm during winter months and cool during the summer months with the Twin Draft Guard
  • GREAT FOR DOORS AND WINDOWS: This draft stopper can be used under doors and windows
SAVES ENERGY: Don’t waste energy and money trying to warm up a cold house when there’s a draft! Instead, use our efficient draft blocker. It’ll save energy by helping reduce the amount of power needed to warm or cool your home. This draft stopper is compatible with all types of floors, including carpet, tile, linoleum, and hardwood.

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